There’s no doubt that Facebook is the one of the best (if not the best) social media platforms to use as a marketing tool. However, most small businesses still struggle to provide compelling content on their pages due to lack of time or inspiration.

We have created a short list of tips which should help you improve your store’s online presence and help you attract more clients to your door!

  • Have a great Facebook cover

The cover is the first impression a user has of your brand. You should change your covers periodically according to seasons, holidays or share information (such as advertising a brand new product or service).


Some online websites such as Canva have great tools to help you create great designs at no cost!

  • Engage with your page’s fans — let them know you appreciate their interest

Do not make everything business related. Share funny gifs, cool videos, ask questions, create polls and encourage viewers to provide input. This will definitely make your page popup more often on other people’s timelines.

  • Give quick responses to any questions or inquiries

Now that you have more people interacting, be sure to always reply to comments and private messages in a timely manner. This shows clients you are interested in their questions, reactions, and opinions.


Quick and active responses, especially to complaints, show you care.

  • Tag other people and pages

When you mention any brand, be sure to tag it to your post! When there’s an interaction between two profiles, there’s a better chance of your page getting exposed to new viewers and thereby getting more reach.

Have a happy and satisfied customer in your store? Ask them for a picture with a simple review before they leave so you can share it on your page!

  • Giveaways & Special Offers

Create exclusive deals and giveaways to your fan page! A free case, screen protection, battery deals, discounts on their next screen repair… Show your fans they are special for being a part of your community! But remember, don’t make every post about sales, instead, focus on sharing insights!

  • Facebook Ads

This is a step we recommend only for those stores who already understand the tool or know really well their target audience. It can generate great results if done properly but involves planning first. You must identify your target, create an impactful call-to-action, determine how much you wish to spend… there is so much involved we plan to create an exclusive article with tips on how to build a successful Campaign.


Feel like you don’t have the time or expertise for this? Lucky for you there’s Sourcely! We offer specialized marketing services focused solely on the cell phone repair industry! This knowledge sets us apart from most other ad or marketing agencies.

If you are interested in learning more about how Sourcely’s Marketing services can help you get the results you need to grow your business, click here and schedule a FREE consultation with one of our experts.

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