As the market becomes increasingly competitive, companies need to become more focused and strategic in order to gain and retain customers.

It’s no longer enough to simply deliver a good product or service, customers also make decisions based on value perception and overall brand experience. All of these elements are combined to create the soil in which good customer relationships grow.

Here are 3 tips to ensure the success of a good relationship between business and client:



The first step to establish a relationship is learning about your customers, gathering information. Then, you can separate your clients by groups with similar characteristics or behavior: types of products or services they consume or their total spend. For each customer group, think of a unique value, benefit, or offer. Specific targeting is the key here. Below is an example that segments customer groups by their relative expense of repair, from the most expensive repairs to the cheapest ones:

Category A — These are customers with the most expensive repairs. They may predominantly have Samsung devices, as Samsung parts tend to be more expensive than iPhone parts. A good benefit or value that targets this customer segment might be a 1-year warranty in case they break their screen again, a free battery check, and/or free tempered glass with their repair.

Category B — These are customers with repairs in the middle range in terms of cost. A good benefit or value for this customer segment might be similar to Category A, though with a shorter warranty.

Category C — These are customers at the low end of repair cost range. A good value to offer this customer segment would also be low cost. A free tempered glass with their repair or any other small feature that adds value to their experience would be ideal.

2 — COMMUNICATION: If you don’t communicate, you’re out of the market.


Communication is a fundamental part of the relationship process with your customers, and social media is a great tool to facilitate this communication. No longer are businesses limited to one-way dissemination of information. Now companies can use social media or other communication methods to interact with their customers, learn from them, get feedback, improve products and processes, and improve the customer experience.



While this may seem to overlap the Communication section above, listening is so important that it deserves its own section. The best way to know where to improve (your sales process, products, services) is to ask your customers. Establish contact channels and let your clients know you want their feedback. That is essential to customer satisfaction and success.

Pay attention, you should not only listen to what they have to say but also read between the lines. Take into consideration what products/services the client buys, what day and time they usually reach out to you, any additional complains about their devices, if it’s the first time they had an issue with their phone and any other information that can help you provide them a great experience.

To sum up, it is important to keep in mind that the customer relationship as a top priority. Today’s markets are increasingly competitive, and the best way to retain customers is to build strong relationships with them. It’s not an easy task, but every moment you spend with your client must be valued. Be strategic. Segment your customers so you can better target the specific needs of each group. Focus on creating and maintaining strong lines of communication with your customers. Listen to them. These three strategies are vital to building stronger customer relationships.

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