Find out what are the practices that every great salesman needs to develop in order to increase success, and how you can apply them to your repair business!

1. Never Stop Learning

Nowadays a person can do a great deal of research online before purchasing anything. This means that potential customers who come across your business are usually very knowledgeable about your products and services.

It may seem obvious, but the first thing that makes someone a great salesperson is their ability to stay current. This means you are not only an expert on your products services but also on the entire industry. You know what are the opportunities and problems the industry faces.

Ex: You have a cell phone screen that is particularly hard to replace. To take the screen off without breaking the device you need to use a heating process that will take hours and lengthen your usual screen repair time. But by keeping yourself updated with industry insights you might find out another way to remove the glass that is faster and safer, putting your store ahead of the competition.

Besides the industry, you also are knowledgeable about your competitors, knowing what services and products they offer, and their advantages and weaknesses.

2. Research

Besides knowing the market, a good salesperson will also know about his potential client. So before talking to a lead, take time to figure out their needs and research what your competitors are offering for the same kind of product or service, not just price but also warranties and turnaround time.

Ex: A client sends you an inquiry asking how much their broken phone is worth. Before calling back with an estimate, make sure you know the manufacturer and the model, the phone’s condition and what competitors are paying for it. This will save you time when talking to the client and allows you to quote a fair price.

3. Listen

No research in the world will be good enough if you do not listen to your client. Using online tools that let allow customers to inform you what they think they are looking for may make you feel like you already know everything they need or want, but that may not be the case. Oftentimes a client does not really know what they want or need.

A salesperson that cannot truly hear or does not listen to a client’s needs, often miss opportunities for getting more business out of the same client or satisfying the client.

Ex: a client comes in to replace a broken screen and tells you it’s the third time they have broken their screen. This is a good opportunity to offer them your new life proof case or insurance to protect them in case they break their screen again and need a replacement.

If you are talking more than the client, something is probably wrong. All you need to do is learn to listen and ask the right questions.

4. Add Value

In the end, a great salesperson is someone who delivers value to the customer: in quality of service, turnaround time and price. The salesman wants to give clients what they want and need at a price the client thinks is fair.

Ex: Mary wants to fix her Samsung 8 screen but can’t afford the cost. You ask her if she has an old cell phone she no longer uses and she remembers an old iPhone 5. You ask about the phone’s condition, listen carefully and learn that the only problem is a few cracks on the screen.

After that, you can now give Mary a new price, using the old iPhone 5 as part of the payment. She’s pleased with the deal and goes to your store to get her phone fixed. Because you have been doing your homework, you know the safest way to remove the screen without damaging the phone.

You replace the screen with a quality part (Sourcely has the highest quality Samsung LCDs in the industry, by the way). When you return the now repaired phone to Mary, you can offer her the new life proof case and low-cost monthly insurance in case she breaks the screen again.

In the end, in addition to the profit you made by repairing the phone you also have a phone you can repair and sell, and make about 3x more profit than you would otherwise have had, just by listening and asking the right questions.

*Additional Note:

You may also be wondering how you can create a system to get more leads to your store. In order to do that, you must have a consistent online presence, using Pay-Per-Click and other online marketing tools. Sourcely offers FREE PPC CONSULTATION so you can learn more about how to increase your leads by up to 240%! Email us at and schedule a call with one of our experts!

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