It’s estimated that in 2017, over 220 million smartphones were purchased in the United States. One of the reasons for this huge number is that the new technology breaks easily — and manufacturers know it.

This is why manufacturers make repairing their products an almost impossible task. By making the device too expensive or impractical to repair it compels people to buy a new model, instead of fixing the old one. It’s a global issue, and has more consequences than just economic. Such waste has huge impact on the environment in both landfill space and the use of diminishing precious resources.

Apple is the largest company on Earth by market cap, selling millions of new smartphones every month. The company is the prime example of how manufacturers purposely make it difficult to repair their devices outside their stores, through the use of proprietary screws, or gluing batteries to other sensitive parts, for example.

In 2013, the Repair Association was created by a group of people dedicated to ensuring that the independent repair industry stays alive. works on protecting jobs of over 3 million Americans that work as independent repairers. It also provides educational information, so that consumers can also fix their own devices.

Over the course of 2017, twelve states introduced “right to repair” legislation that would make it easier for consumers to fix broken digital equipment. The bill, as expected, has encountered great resistance from the large tech companies who have spent millions of dollars on lobbyists or on direct campaign contributions to leave Consumers with no choices.

Sourcely works alongside and tries to partner with small business owners to grow their businesses. Our tagline says it all: “we help repair stores grow”. We live that motto every day, because as a small business we understand the importance of supporting small businesses. The Right to Repair movement is about helping millions of people who work very hard to live the american dream, it’s about helping the environment, by choosing sustainability over wastefulness. It’s about caring for local communities and the planet. To learn more, visit and see if your state is already on the process of making this possible, if not, fight for it. We will fight with you.

As part of supporting small business, we have great interest in helping you grow, giving you the tools needed to get more money from your broken screens, generate more leads and have access to amazing discounts on quality parts. Learn how you can #EndSlowBusiness at

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