Sales don’t have to be black-and-white. Just because a customer wants to replace their Samsung Galaxy S8 screen, doesn’t mean that this is the only thing you can get out of that client. The main goal is to create more value with every repair, by offering complementary products or services, as well as offering alternatives when you are losing a potential client.

Here we offer 4 proven strategies to drive increased sales volume with your customers:

  1. Offer Something (For Free):

Very often, the fastest way to get something is by giving something in exchange. Make sure to have small, simple offers for people who are looking for a repair.

  • Free tempered glass
  • Free battery check
  • 3-month insurance in case they break their screen again
  • Special discounts for students and/or veterans

There are a lot of simple ideas that can help to make your shop more appealing than others, just by offering an additional product or service.

2. Cross Sell:

A customer came in just to repair there iPhone 8 screen, but why stop there? Offer them a new protective case or one year of insurance for a small fee. Check their battery and convince them to replace it in case the levels are not at their prime. Cross-selling means adding products and/or services that complement their initial purchase.

Important note: whenever you are trying to cross-sell, don’t mention individual prices. Instead, just show the customer the total price with the additional service. If you can throw a small discount to it, even better.

3. Down-Sell:

Let’s think about it: what is best, to get some business out of a customer, or no business at all?

Whenever a customer gives up on a purchase, for whatever reason, such as pricing or turnaround time, it’s time to down sell.

You can offer them a small discount, or ask if they have an old phone at home they can turn in as part of the payment. Talk to your customer, understand their needs, identify the barrier and work around it.

4. Rely on your Services — Not just your Products

Maybe you can’t or don’t want to be the cheapest repair shop in town, and that’s ok! There are other ways to add value to your store to attract more clients that are not just price-related.

Besides offering small additional services for free, as we mentioned previously, you can also talk about the quality of your services.

Do you offer refurbished screens instead of aftermarket? Talk about it! Do you have liquid tempered glass? Talk about it! Can you fix iPhone screens in less than 20 minutes? Definitely talk about it! Anything good you have to offer is always worth mentioning.

Overall, when it comes to sales, the best way to get someone’s business is by listening. Once you understand what your customer is looking for, it becomes easy to identify opportunities for new sales and up-selling.

The key here is to always add value behind every repair, especially when it comes to up-selling. That’s why it’s important to make your offer to the customer as clear as possible.

Need more tips to grow your business? Quality parts for better prices? Visit Sourcely Services and see how to exponentially grow your repair shop!

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