Sourcely started purchasing parts directly from China in March 2015. When we first started selling parts, we quickly discovered that there is plenty of misleading information being disseminated from quote “Chinese Factories”.

That’s because many companies in China present themselves as being the factory when in fact they are nothing more than a Middle-man re-selling parts from several other factories. The issue with buying parts directly from distributors in China is they will change the factories they are buying from without notice, making the quality control swings disastrous. Anxiety pills anyone?

Chinese businesses simply tell distributors what they want to hear to ensure a quick sale. One common falsehood is when asking which LCD panel manufacturer is being used. Most distributors respond with *insert TianMa, AUO, SC*, when in fact they could be selling one of nearly a dozen different LCD panel manufacturers.

As a way of assuring quality to our clients, we broke down the LCDs and inspected them for authenticity. However, we knew that if we wanted to consistently deliver a solid experience to our customers, we had to take a step forward, and that’s when we moved part of our operation to the other side of the world, establishing our full-time presence in China.

Since moving to China, we have cultivated a deep understanding of the landscape, and established partnerships with factory owners to implement our quality control standards directly inside their operation.

Our promise to you:

  • Verify real Assembly Factories vs Re-seller Middlemen
  • Lower prices for our clients
  • Insert Quality Control procedures with factory partners
  • Ensure product consistency
  • Direct communications with factory owners
  • Direct RMA feedback loop to factory

Moving directly to China (including a member of our founding team) was a bold, challenging experience for everyone involved. Being away from our families, in a foreign place with a completely different culture, and not knowing the language was no easy task. However, it was a necessary move that has been extremely rewarding for us and our clients.

sourcely-wholesale-iphone-lcd-chinaSupervising Q&A Process in China

The move powered us with the control we needed to deliver the high-end experience our clients deserve. With high-quality cold-pressed LCDs, and a heavily detailed Q&A process in both in China and at our facility in Phoenix, AZ, we are consistently delivering a quality product.

Whenever buying parts, chose a vendor who is truly hands-on during the entire process, because even if you deal directly with Chinese companies, you may not be getting what you think you’re getting. Remember, a slightly cheaper product can cost a lot more in the end…

Curious to try our parts and see what they’re all about? Visit and shop for LCDs, batteries, small parts and more! We offer an extended warranty and the latest shipping cut-off in the industry!

  • Written by Shad Nojoumi, Sourcely CO-Founder

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