repair off
Justin Ashford (The Art of Repair) leading the repair off.

Sourcely’s Mobile Repair Unconference, hosted in Phoenix, Arizona was a huge success! Starting with a crazy Repair Off led by Justin Ashford (host of Youtube channel The Art of Repair), we had the amazing opportunity to see ten talented technicians attempt to fix an iPhone 4 as fast as they could. Store owner Julio got ahead of the pack, beating even Justin himself and winning the night’s big prize. During dinner, speakers and attendees had time to introduce each other and share experiences, exchange knowledge and talk about the industry as a whole.


Friday was definitely the most jam-packed day of the weekend. We kicked off at 9am with several discussions led by industry leaders. Repair owners were able to learn about successful strategies to grow their businesses with Michael Oberdick, share their struggles and find solutions with Sarah Cade, and understand the importance of digital marketing to attract more clients with Matt Roldan.

morning speakers (1).png
Michael Oberdick (Elevate Supply), Sarah Cade (e-Reuse), and Matt Roldan (Sourcely) starting in the morning with powerful discussions.
Dan Kowalke and Mike Welsch (iQmetrix) explaining the importance of a complete POS.

The afternoon also had highlights brought by iQmetrix and gTool. With VP of the Repair Channel, Dan Kowalke, and sales rep for repair stores, Mike Welsch, business owners, and techs were able to understand the importance of inventory management and how crucial it is to have a complete, integrated Point Of System that allows management of all aspects of their business and team. Vince Gioffre also amazed everyone with a demonstration of the incredible gTool DRS, a complete refurbishment machine that is revolutionizing the repair industry.

The revolutionary gTool DRS machine was one of the highlights of the day!
Right to Repair With Kyle Wiens.

To finish off the day, we had the opportunity to discuss industry insights and the Right to Repair with Kyle Wiens, author of iFixIt Free Repair Manual. It was a key moment where we could all understand what efforts are being made in favor of the mobile repair industry specifically, and what everyone can do to be more involved with the movement to help to push legislation in their home states.

Fun at Top Golf!


Because not everything is business, we all let loose with games and a delicious dinner at Top Golf sponsored by iQmetrix, while gTool and Elevate Supply sponsored an epic pool party the next day at Talking Stick Resort. Overall, this weekend was a unique moment to understand that we can be better, grow faster, and build a stronger community when we lean on each other. We saw friendships being made, new ideas being formed, and the fresh eyes and energy that startups always bring to the table.

We are incredibly proud of our team for organizing the event, all our amazing speakers for putting their time and effort into helping others grow and develop the industry, and most of all, we are very happy and proud to have provided this experience to all the repair business owners and technicians who were there with us during these three days. We can’t wait until next year!



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