The anticipated iOS 12 can finally be tested by consumers, but is it worth it?


The iOS 12, announced at WWDC18 by Apple, just launched its first public beta version. In case you don’t remember, the operating system was already released to developers at the time of the event. Now anyone with enough courage can have access to the new features brought by the update.

Just like any other beta version software, it’s possible to encounter certain bugs that may compromise the user’s experience, so we only recommend the update if you have an extra iPhone or iPad.

According to users, some problems include incorrect location data on Apple Maps, the CarPlay app may shut down unexpectedly when backup cameras are being used, and even FaceTime seems to be having issues turning off calls whenever the user leaves the app.

On the bright side, iPhone 5s seems to be performing faster with the beta version. Apple had already promised that older models would perform better with the new iOS due to a remarkable change on the way the processor is controlled, taking less time to achieve its maximum performance, as well as reducing its frequency faster in order to save battery.

CNET tested the iOS 12, comparing it to the iOS 11.4 and the results seem very optimistic. Safari, for example, is loading websites 3.5 seconds faster, and the keyboard is about a second faster. You can see the entire test watching the video below:

  • Superior Performance: apps will open 40% faster, while the camera will be accessed up to 70% faster
  • Photo app has more features
  • Siri will get updates to be more useful
  • Possibility to create an Animoji with your face
  • FaceTime will allow group chats with up to 32 people

There will be many other updates in comparison to the current system, and if you decide to wait for the final version, you may have to wait until the fall when iOS 12 is scheduled to come out. In the meantime, keep an eye on our blog to stay on top of all the latest news.  

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