When we talk about an effective marketing strategy, reviews are a powerful tool for businesses that wish to increase their credibility, and as a consequence, increase their sales conversion.

With so many options available online, researching before buying a product or using a service has become a part of most people’s lives. This means that a low price is simply not enough to get a consumer to commit to a purchase. Companies need to invest in creative ways to draw attention to their business, and reviews are a great technique because authenticity catches people’s attention.

Here are a few important topics to keep in mind when collecting reviews for your repair business.

  1. Be Present and Active, but Smart and Strategic

It probably seems obvious, but many businesses don’t know WHERE to focus their efforts when it comes to reviews. Of course, it’s important to be present on more than one website, but you need to analyze and understand where your clients typically talk about you.

When it comes to repair stores, we have noticed that the biggest platform for clients reviews is Yelp, followed by Facebook if your business has a Facebook page (if it doesn’t, it’s time to change that. Learn everything about Facebook Tips here).

Understanding the most important platform for your business makes it easier to engage with the clients that leave you reviews and therefore get better results. If Yelp is the biggest platform where clients can leave you reviews, it’s important you advertise that by sharing it on your Facebook Page, email marketing, SMS and any other form of marketing you might have.

  1. Get More Reviews By Answering Them

Don’t forget to ALWAYS respond to all the reviews you get, and not just the positive ones! When you answer reviews you show people that you care about your customers’ experiences and opinions. This includes the negative comments as well, perhaps even more so than the positive ones. When you answer negative reviews you get a chance to minimize the unwanted impact that it could cause to other people’s decisions when they go through them, because it tells them that you validate your customers’ feelings, accept your mistake, and make a commitment to be better in the future.

Answer every review, including the negative ones.

Don’t forget that people write reviews because they want to feel heard, so make sure to listen. When other people see that you actually answer all reviews, they’ll feel more inclined to leave one themselves, because they know they’ll get a reply.

  1. Incentivize People (In The Right Way)

You have to be very careful here. Websites such as Yelp defend review’s authenticity, coming solely from a client’s will to tell others about their experience. These websites have policies that reject reviews identified as fake or prompted by a business offering discounts for services in exchange for a review.

However, there are still ways to get reviews without breaking the rules. For example, you can have a sign saying “Find Us on Yelp” at your store, helping your customers to know where they can talk about you online.


You can also ask your technicians to mention you have a Yelp page, in case they would like to leave a review after they get their phone repaired. Some establishments even have a QR Code in strategic places inside their stores to make it as easy as possibles for clients to find them.

  1. Get More Reviews By Offering Your Best

It’s obvious, but it’s true. The best way to get more reviews is by offering the best experience you can to your customer inside your store. One of the easiest ways to deliver this experience is by listening to what your clients have to say, investing in the good things they’ve noticed and improving on the things that can be better.

This feedback is so important because it’s the key to keep growing better and stronger. Intelligently managing your reviews is the perfect solution to solidify customer experience and to market your business in an organic way.

Now we want to hear from you! What do you think of our services? If you have any compliments, complaints or suggestions, please feel free to speak your mind and help us improving YOUR customer experience!

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