You have a good online presence and your ads are on Google’s first page, yet sales don’t seem to be picking up. If this happens, you need to start looking at why your leads aren’t converting. What is preventing the calls you get from online leads from turning into actual customers? Phone sales can be intimidating, even when the call originates from an eager customer, but especially when the person answering the phone is either not comfortable or isn’t knowledgeable.

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To help you boost your conversions and close every phone call you get in your repair store, we separated 6 key tips you need to implement right away:

1. Sound calm, yet confident

If the person picking up the phone sounds anxious or insecure, it’s going to be noticeable in their tone. This can make the customer jump to bad conclusions and give up on the repair. After all, how can they feel like they can rely on you to fix their phone if you can’t answer basic questions in a clear, objective way?

2.  Be charismatic

Your charisma will make the potential customer feel more comfortable and patient, so whenever you have to ask them for a little more time before giving them an answer, they’ll be more inclined to wait for it without giving up on the deal.

3. Be Prompt

Close More Phone Deals

Don’t let the phone ring more than twice before answering, and don’t take too long to answer questions. Nothing decreases the chance for a sale more than a company that takes a long time to pick up the phone or long pauses after an information request such as a price quote.

4. Don’t Take Things Personally

dealing with angry customers

The client might be stressed out and even rude, but you have to remain calm. By using a cordial tone, you not only show professionalism, but you can pass on a sense of trust to the customer on the other end. Show them that you’ve got their back and you have what it takes to solve the problem.

5. Train your team

It’s fundamental to train your tech team to answer the phone. Even if you have someone at customer service, it’s always important to have everyone ready to jump on a call in case the primary person is unavailable. Also, record all calls so you can hear them later and listen for things that can be improved on future calls.

6. Offer Something Extra

Feel like the customer is still on the fence? Offer him something extra right there on the phone: free tempered glass with the repair or a free battery check. You can even tell the customer of other things they can expect from you besides pricing such as how fast you can complete the job, special parts, an extended warranty, or anything else you might be able to offer to show you can give them the best deal possible.


At the end of the day, when it comes to phone sales, the fastest and safest way to close deals is by showing knowledge, confidence, and charisma. Every phone call is a new opportunity for you to get more business in the door and to grow a positive online reputation by getting good reviews. Trust us, nothing fixes a situation faster than a good customer service.


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