The Youtube Channel Mobile Fun uploaded a video taking a look at what seems to be the new iPhones to be released this September.

The video suggests that the new models of 6.5”, 6.1”, and 5.8” will be named iPhone XS Plus, iPhone (2018) and iPhone XS, respectively. The design seems fairly similar to Apple’s release from last year, the iPhone X.

The processor for the iPhone XS will likely bring incremental improvements when compared to the 2017 iPhone X, being slightly faster and with better hardware.

With the new 6.5” screen, Apple will have a different resolution and will need to adapt the iOS to fit the new size. It seems that the company has been running tests since the iOS 12 beta 5 update, meaning that the new software is already adapted to deal with the new iPhone XS Plus size.

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These screenshots, provided by the iOS Simulator and available at Xcode Beta, provide an idea of what the new resolution looks like and the improvements made so far during the test version.

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In a few weeks, we’ll have all the information we need about the new devices when Apple announces their 2018 line. What are you looking forward the most to see? What are your concerns about the new phones impacting your repair shop? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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