When creating your online marketing strategy, a good planning is essential to see positive results, and if your plan doesn’t take in consideration the customer’s buying journey, there’s a big chance all your efforts (and invested money) will go to waste.


  • What Is the Buying Journey?

Customer needs evolve over time, and this model is used to separate this evolution into stages. Once you understand the habits of your target audience, and you have a clear idea of what they are looking for online, determining your customers’ buying stage allows you to create a marketing strategy that will efficiently guide them to the final purchase.

The 4 stages:

    • Awareness: Consumers don’t know or are not sure if they need a certain product or service.
      • Ex: “My phone’s battery is dying very fast. Should I change it?”
    • Interest: Consumers research and find information that helps them realize the problem and the need for a solution.
      • Ex: “I understand that my phone is old, so I need a battery replacement.”
    • Consideration: Once they understand what their needs, they’ll search for companies who can fix the problem.
      • Ex: Consumer searches for “iPhone 6 battery replacement near me” and starts going through the local shops advertised on the search engine.
    • Decision: After studying the different options, the consumer chooses the one that best fits his or her needs.
      • Ex: “I will choose ‘Joe’s Mobile Repair’ because it’s only 2mi away from my house and they offer a free battery check.”

For the business owner, this process requires patience and action through each of the stages described above. Each step is part of the sales funnel.

  • What Is The Sales Funnel?

When the consumer starts to consider doing business with you, he or she enters your sales funnel. Your job through each part of this process is essential to turn this potential lead into a closed deal. The steps mentioned above help to clarify the digital marketing methodology.

Each one of these steps fits a different part of the sales funnel:

  • Tip of The Funnel: These people are in the “awareness” stage. They may be unsure of the product or service they need, so it’s good to make them understand where the need is and build interest in what you have to offer.
    • YOU SHOULD: Write a small article on your website explaining how battery cycles work and when/why it’s a good idea to get batteries checked and replaced.
  • Middle of The Funnel: Here are the people in the “interest” stage. The content here is focused on showing that your business has the solution they need.
    • YOU SHOULD: post client reviews on your website, have nice pictures of your store, and provide more information about your technicians and/or high-quality parts.
  • Bottom of The Funnel: People who are in the “consideration” and “decision” stages. Consumers are comparing companies, services, prices, and offers so they can choose the best one.
    • YOU SHOULD: Create ads with a landing page advertising battery replacements, and maybe include a special offer such as “free battery check” or a 10% discount when showing the ad.

The lower you go on the sales funnel, the more narrow it gets, and you’ll have fewer people. However, if you have a consistent sales journey strategy, more people will go through the funnel, and the leads that pass through each stage will be more qualified, more interested, and more ready to act: to call for a final quote, schedule an appointment, and ultimately to buy.

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Overall, the goal is to understand your audience’s consumer habits, to identify what their needs are, and in which stage of the buying journey they are. Once you have a clear image of this process, it’s easier to build a marketing strategy since you know where the consumer is in their journey and what you should offer at that point, thus increasing your chances to close more deals.

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