The gTool DRS is a game changer inside the mobile repair world. With advanced technology, clean design, and an easy process, this amazing tool can turn broken screens into new ones! We had a chance to speak with Vincent Gioffre to learn more about the device. He joined the gTool team in late 2016 where he leads project management, sales, and support for the DRS refurbishing system.

Kevin Sanders Jr. and Vincent Gioffre explaining the DRS system during Sourcely’s Mobile Repair Unconference on May 2018.

What is the gTool DRS?

The gTool DRS is a system that enables any repair shop to refurbish a phone screen by replacing the glass only, and it works on any current device. The tool utilizes many new technological advancements that make the process of refurbishing easy and simple for any repair tech to learn in as little as a few days. The equipment is small, energy efficient, hand built, and tested before delivery.

Where did this idea come from?  

The idea came from the parts crisis that happened in late 2015. After some parts prices more than tripled, we knew that screen refurbishing would be the future of the industry. Unfortunately, all the machines at the time were very difficult to learn, had a low success rate, and changed every year. With our tool-making experience and our engineering team, we knew we could design something that would be adaptable to the future by creating a very robustly designed system that was app driven allowing us to make software updates on the fly. In early 2016 we began R&D and completed our first prototype in early 2017.

The gTool DRS allows repair stores to lower pricing to be more competitive in their territory while significantly raising their profit margin.

How can the gTool facilitate and empower repair store owners?

The DRS system can drastically increase profits for store owners. For Samsung devices, instead of spending as much as $230 for a display you can now spend as little as $20 for the glass. This allows repair stores to lower pricing to be more competitive in their territory while significantly raising their profit margin. It can also allow store owners to hold less inventory of parts thus improving cash flow, and the ability to be profitable at a lower price brings in more customers needing repairs. The system is incredibly easy to teach so owners don’t need to worry about employee turnover affecting their productivity, and the reliance on China diminishes when you can refurbish your own screens.  

What is the turnaround from the moment someone purchases the machine?

The DRS has been incredibly popular. Our first customers pre-ordered and have waited over 9 months to receive their system. Each system is hand made and tested, and at this time there is a three month backorder. We don’t expect this delay to go away in the foreseeable future. As our scalability increases the system is gaining traction and the orders continue to increase.

How can technicians purchase the gTool?

They can reach out to me at and I would be happy to provide information, demos, and videos. Each system comes with every piece you need out of the box to get going as well as free training.  

Curious to see how it works? Watch gTool’s demo during Sourcely’s Mobile Repair Unconference on May 2018:

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