We’ve all had this problem before: you fix a customer’s phone, they leave happy, and about a week later (sometimes even less) they come back with a similar or new issue. From an ID touch problem to the “black screen of the death,” the chances of them coming back frustrated and blaming you for it are high.

Here’s how you can handle it, not only to solve their problem but potentially make more business from it:

  • Run a Diagnostic

Test for several issues: touch, backlight, or anything else that might be causing the problem. For simpler issues, such a screen replacement, try reinstalling the same screen and checking to see if all cables are in good condition.

Wait a couple hours to see if the issue persists. If it does, replace the screen with a new one and contact your vendor so you can return your defect screen (Sourcely Parts has the easiest RMA process in the industry, and one of the lowest RMA rates).

  • Don’t Charge for Easy Fixes

If the issue was just a cable poorly connect, the LCD was defective, or maybe it was a bit of their fault dropping the phone the day after they’ve repaired it. Yes, it may cost you a little time, but it’s cheaper to give a free repair or a big discount than getting an angry Yelp review that might hurt your reputation.

  • What if it’s not a quick fix?

If the problem is not as simple and you know you did the repairing process right, you need to run a diagnostic and gather evidence to show the customer it’s a new issue and make a deal to repair the phone again. We know this is a sensitive subject and clients often get upset when they hear this, but if you have a solid diagnostic to support your claim, they will most likely come to terms with it – especially if you offer them a small discount to fix the phone again.

  • Take Advantage of the New Encounter

Try taking the most out of the opportunity. After fixing your customer’s issue, you can try a new sale, such as a battery replacement, accessories, or even insurance for the next time they run into a problem. If anything, you can simply ask them to leave a nice review online after the good experience they’ve had at your store.

  • Side Note: Crazy Customers

Let’s be honest: sometimes customers can act a bit insane, and quite often are very offensive. If you’ve followed the steps above and they are still giving you a headache, you are going to have to decide if it’s worth keeping them or not. Losing someone’s business is not always a bad thing.

At the end of the day, it’s all about building a trustworthy brand that your customers can count on, so they become your advocates in the future. There’s no better advertisement than word-of-mouth.

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