We all know Steve Jobs as one of the most innovative minds in modern history, but there was a lot more to the (sometimes) eccentric figure behind Apple. Today, October 16, we celebrate Steve Jobs Day in memorial to this brilliant mind, who passed away in October of 2011. Here are 10 incredible facts about Steve Jobs you probably didn’t know:

1.Almost a Buddhist monk

In 1974, Steve Jobs took a trip to India where he studied existentialism and spiritualism and returned to the US as a Buddhist.

2. Fired From Apple in 1985

Reflecting on being fired by the board of directors as Apple CEO in May 1985, Steve said that the episode “freed” him and “was one of the most creative periods of his life.”

3. Steve Jobs and Pixar

MacWorld, Steve Jobs, Walt DisneySteve Jobs bought Pixar from George Lucas for $10 million and sold it to Disney for $7.6 billion. He also saved ‘Toy Story’ because, without his intervention, Woody was going to be a bad guy. Can you imagine that!?

4. Rigid Rules Inside Apple

When it came to leadership, Jobs believed in a combination of discipline and charisma. He believed in rules and discipline, being often a strict boss when needed. In 1993, Fortune’s list named him as the Toughest Bosses in America!

5. A Dedicated Team to Study… Emotions?apple-iphone-packaging-600-27182

Jobs assigned a dedicated team to study the emotion and anticipation associated with opening a box and finding the products inside. This results of this team’s work remain as vital in creating the packaging for all Apple products to this day.

6. A Marketing Revolutionary

The idea of placing Apple stores in the busiest areas of towns was to make Apple a household name, and that helped make personal computers a consumer good, a departure from the way computers were previously marketed in the 90’s. The 1997 ‘Think Different’ ad campaign positioned Apple as a unique company in history.

7. He Patented Everything

Glass staircase at apple store

Steve Jobs had about 300 patents under his name, including the glass staircase that pulls passers-by into the Apple store.

8. The Mystery Behind Apple’s Name

There’s a lot of speculation about how Jobs decided to name the company. Some people say he named the company Apple after being inspired by the Beatles ‘Apple Records’, turning the matter into a legal battle until 2007, when both parties settled the case.

Others say that Apple was so named because of Jobs lifestyle (he was a fruitarian). One day, as he was coming back from an apple farm, he felt inspired because the name sounded “fun, spirited and not intimidating”.

The first Apple logo pictured Newton under an apple tree.

9. The “S” on iPhone 4S Stands For “Steve”

Rumor has it that the iPhone 4s was named after Steve Jobs, as in ‘iPhone 4 Steve.’ The iPhone 4S was announced on October 4, 2011, and Jobs passed away on the following day (October 5, 2011).

10. His Final Words

Rumor has it that his final words were simple and repeated three times “Oh wow.  Oh wow. Oh wow”. The reason behind this is, of course, still a mystery.


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