You can have the greatest online marketing strategy, a great logo, a beautiful store, reasonable prices, and quality parts, but none of this will have any value if you are missing one thing: qualified, trained, well-prepared technicians. Implementing proper training and other standard procedures is key to not only hiring qualified techs but also to develop them and take them to the next level.

Overall, your goal must be to create a system that is efficient and scalable so your customers will get the same quality of service no matter who repairs their device.

Robert Miranda, CEO of SmartTeks shared some of his knowledge and incredible insights on technician retainment, covering important areas such as training, culture, operations, and incentives.

  1. Training Process

Whenever onboarding a new technician, you must have a structured training program set up. Create a training process that can be replicated every time a new member boards your company. It’s also important that training is considered an ongoing process. The industry keeps changing, new devices come out every year, and customers’ expectations grow higher every day. This means you need to keep educating your techs with skill sets that will help them grow and that will help your company to keep up to speed.

2. Culture

As a leader, you have to pay attention to your employees and see where they thrive and guide them to become the best of their capacity. Create a culture that inspires your employees to perform their best, and to make them feel like they are part of the company’s growth. Give them responsibilities: order parts, train others, create leadership roles, set metrics and objectives, sit down with them quarterly or twice a year to review self-improvements and use that as an opportunity for a pay increase. People want to feel that what they do means something, and a happy, motivated employee will always want to seek improvement.

3. Structure and SOPs

Invest in your business! Simplify processes using as many tools as you can: have a POS, inventory control, analytics, tools, equipment, business software, storage solutions, handbooks, and manual guides for standard procedures. Document everything!

The more you invest in structuring your business and creating processes, the easier and faster it will be to build the same training process for every technician and have the same quality in multiple locations. Consistency is the key to branding!

4. Incentives

Don’t be mistaken, if you want to see motivated employees, you need to incentivize them to always strive for more, and that involves a solid incentive plan. Think beyond the regular hourly rate and create other payment structures such as commissions per repair or a repair quota, a bonus when achieving a certain metric, or anything else you might see it fits your business and budget.


Building a solid, reliable team is the most important asset for your store’s success and growth. Take these tips to heart and start building a solid plan to help training, developing, and retaining technicians that will work their best to excel and get you the dream team.

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