It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! Christmas parties, stockings, hot chocolate, family reunions, gifts, and… an opportunity to make more money!

Did you plan a holiday sales campaign? Consumers are expected to spend about a trillion dollars this time of the year, and you don’t want to fall behind the competition!
To make sure you maximize your profits this year, we separated 5 crucial actions you need to take to ramp up repairs at your shop!

  1. Holiday Sales

No matter your business size, you can always run a special if get creative. Here a few ideas:

Offer a personalized combo: Create a personalized holiday combination for your customer. This is a win for both you and your customer because you can upsell and the customer will feel like they’re getting more things at once for a better price.

Ex: A screen repair + tempered glass + phone case

Create a holiday catalog: If you offer more than repairs and sell accessories, for example, you can help customers find the perfect gift with a catalog. Create collages of your best products and separate them into different categories.

Ex: Christmas theme iPhone Cases

Offer Something Free: Whether its free tempered glass, a battery check, or repair warranty, you can always find something to offer to make you more appealing as the destination for any mobile repair needs. If you are not sure how to set a warranty plan, check out our blog post to see some good examples for your shop

  1. Add Christmas Spirit to Everything

Add a Holiday theme to your online platforms, such as your Facebook Page Cover or Website Banner. If you own a store, have it decorated with a Christmas tree, lights, and other seasonal decorations to bring that warm, inviting feeling that this time of the year brings.

Bonus tip: Go beyond decorations! How about having a plate of cookies or hot chocolate for your customers that come in?

  1. Create a Sense of Urgency

Christmas is coming soon, and you need to make sure your customers are reminded of that! In your offers, add a line such as “Repair your screen now and upgrade your phone before Christmas” or “Special Prices on iPhone Accessories for the Perfect Christmas Gift”.

  1. Make Sure YOU Stock Up

If you are expecting more repairs than you need to make sure you are prepared! If you don’t have a platform where you keep your inventory levels, at least create a spreadsheet where you can write them down. Make sure you have at least 10-20% more of each model (especially your best selling ones) so you are always ready to make repairs!

Sourcely is running a special Advent Calendar with a new special everyday! You can check our daily specials on our website.

  1. Have a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy in Place

Make sure you are posting about your holiday specials on your facebook page, sending out email campaigns, and ensuring that your ads are running at all times! Now more than ever, it’s crucial that whenever someone types in “iPhone screen repair”, YOUR store shows up on the first page!

If you are not familiar with digital marketing, you can learn more about it by downloading our Digital Marketing for Repair Stores eBooks. It’s designed specifically for the mobile repair business, and it contains all the insights you need to start creating a solid online presence!

This is the perfect opportunity to offer deals to attract new clients and retain them well after the holidays. Follow these essential steps, and you’ll give yourself the best chance for increased revenue, and that is what ultimately will make this the most wonderful time of the year!


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