As consumers, we would like to believe that when purchasing an item, it’s ours, so we acquire the right to repair it have someone else do it for us. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t the case. We all understand that a broken phone out of warranty means that, in most cases, the manufacturer won’t work with us to replace it. What’s far worse is the fact that they also don’t allow you to purchase the original parts to fix the item yourself. That’s the crux of the issue. Repair is a huge industry that is mostly run by medium-sized, independent shops – people who also don’t have the right to repair the device, but do so anyway so consumers don’t have to spend money on a new phone or laptop every time we crack a screen.

The Repair Association was created by people who are fighting for your right to keep your repair shop opened. The group has been lobbying Congress in multiple states to get their state legislatures to consider over a dozen Right to Repair bills. Read more about the movement in our previous article.

Things are about to take a huge leap: Insurance giant Allstate just acquired iCracked, a giant third-party cell phone repair company, and two giants fighting together is the lobbying power the movement was missing.

According to Motherboard, the insurance company has assigned a lobbyist to work on legislation in New Hampshire, one of 15 states considering Right to Repair bills opposed by tech companies, including Apple.

Allstate is the fourth-largest insurance company in the country and is committed to using its power to fight for Right to Repair through lobbyist and R2R activities to help move bill legislations inside the states the association is working on.

“Right now, the struggle in Right to Repair is us Davids versus a whole slew of Goliaths,” Nathan Proctor, the Director of the Campaign for the Right to Repair at US PIRG told Motherboard via email. “In the end, even if some larger companies support the right to repair, the reason will end up winning is because legislators hear from their constituents if more Davids join in and make their voices heard.”

If you want to know more about the Right to Repair Movement and how you can get involved in your own state, visit and join the fight!

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