A significant shift is taking place in the world of iPhone repairs. Apple is now finally honoring their warranty policy and accepting iPhones brought in with warranty claims even if the devices contain third-party batteries.

Historically, Apple would deny repairing any devices with third-party components including batteries. However, according to the French blog iGeneration, the company is now allowing Apple Genius Bar and Apple Authorized Service Providers to accept apple-store-sf-070830-1.gifiPhones with non-original batteries.

With the new policy taking place, Apple is able to ignore the third-party battery and proceed with the repair if the repair is not battery related. This means that if a customer has a broken screen, they can still use their warranty to get it replaced regardless if the battery was previously replaced by an independent repair shop. Other repairs that will now be allowed to move forward include logic board issues, flex cables, cameras, microphone, etc.

AASP stores and Genius Bars are now also allowed to replace third-party batteries with original batteries, charging the standard battery fee. This is a significant change since before they would just completely deny the replacement altogether, regardless of the device’s warranty status.

“If we could not remove a battery on a phone that had a battery problem, we replaced the complete unit at the price of the repair of the battery ($49 or $69 depending on the model). With a third-party battery, this will never be the case. The replacement will be charged at the full price of the unit.” Says an Apple employer about the old repair policy.

What Does This Mean For Independent Repair Shops?

This is a big win for the third-party repair industry. With Apple now accepting iPhones with non-original batteries, techs will most likely have less push back from customers that walk in their stores with battery issues since now they won’t have their warranty void by Apple in case they use an independent shop for the service.

Other parts such as third-party logic boards, displays, and connectors will still be denied any sort of repair by Genius Bar and AASP stores. However, considering the bumpy history between Apple and independent repair shops involving the Right to Repair movement, this gesture is actually a significant move towards a more friendly co-existence between the two industries and it may be the beginning of a brighter future for independent repair stores.

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