Sonny Dickson, a famous Apple insider, is once again one step ahead of the game. This time, he was able to obtain physical iPhone cases from a credible source that seem to give out the official (controversial) look of the new iPhone series.

Despite of the very questionable look,  it’s safe to say that new models will carry new triple lens, with an extra super wide 12-megapixel camera, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S10. Ben Gaskin published on Twitter earlier this week a few mock-ups of that the iPhones will look like with the addition of the third camera.

If this confirms to be true, all we can do is hope that the quality of the photos make it worth buying a phone with such an awkward design.

Besides the camera, we can notice other changes from the leaked cases, such as the lowering of the power and volume buttons, in order to fit the longer vertical mute slider, as seen on iPads now.

New Audio Feature

Apart from the design, one very exciting feature might be on its way! According to the Japanese site Macotakara, Apple seems to be working on a dual Bluetooth audio for the new models. If this happens, users will be able to send audio to two Bluetooth devices at the same time, making it possible for friends to share music or watch movies together on their own pair of headphones.

Although exciting, this ability is not brand new. Samsung has already introduced the technology since the Galaxy S8 back in 2017. Regardless, it will be a great asset to look forward to – specially considering how hard it is to cope with what can possibly be the ugliest iPhone in history.

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